1. CARA IS MY GURL. you all know to not get me going on this haylor shit. SO DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT TALKING TO ME ABOUT HOW HARRY CHOSE TAYLOR OVER CARA. Car is the ultimate model goddess, my ultimate girl crush (besides bey, obvi). She is beautiful and like perfect and british. Can we talk about how the brits have just all around KILLED 2012? my world revolved around all things uk this year. ed, 1d, cara. k so thats about it but for me that a lot.  I LOVE HER SHE IS SPECTACULAR AND SO YOUNG AND FLIRTY AND CUTE. UGH LET ME BE YOU.

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  2. DEMI. love her.  like beautiful and perfect. please go back to blond with the pink tips?!


  3. got free tix to see Anna Karenina. To warn people who havent read the book, the ending will BLOW YOUR MIND. also the second alexey is totally sexy and you wont think so at first and then it will just happen where you get incredibly turned on by his creepy light brown mustache. ANYWAYS, keira is a gorgeous as ever. My mother thinks she is a terrible actress, but personally I dont mind her. She is so easy to watch because anything she does is just so pretty. The movie was really confusing because the camera moved so fast but that could just because i was sitting in the front row and got super nauseous. She is beautiful and I think she can act even though most of her roles are super type-casted. 


  4. LINLO, YOU ARE SUCH A CRAZY BITCH. i love watching the parent trap and then loling to myself about all the crazy shit that hallie and the british one are going to get themselves into, aka one million trips to rehab and stealing from one of my fave stores in Venice. get it together.


  5. The Fab Five (One Direction in December 2012 British Vogue)

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  6. oh my god tay. literally how good is the new album? I DIE

    three weeks later: PREPARE TO DIE BITCH. jk not seriously. but get off baby lux and harry please.


  7. drizzy will always be jimmy brooks in my heart.


  8. jgl of the day


  9. Riri is beautiful 


  10. when he tweets things like “kiss me” or “i am looking for the one” its like why are you such as tease?!


  11. currently re-watching the entire series of Alias. Jen is the most badass female character on television ever. She is smart and beautiful ughh I cant. Oh by the way my friend sush (shout out) is bringing me to a benefit for Save the Children next week hosted by Jennifer Garner, So basically she is my idol because not only is she literally perfect and has the perfect family but she loves my fave charity that supports my Mozambique chicas, Fatima and Zilda <33. I love my life and I love going to school in LA, the only thing that would make it better was if I was actually Jennifer Garner.


  12. just because this is amazing


  13. i couldnt tell ya how i truly feel about Emma Watson. Obvz i love her as hermione, but i get this vibe that she just thinks she is so great. modeling for burburry, acting with an american accent, getting a pixie cut, like i am so over it. we get it you are gorgeous and so hip but she tries so hard. chill emma, chill. i will always love her in my heart love because of hp, but still i dont want her current mind set to diminish the following she gained from the sorcer’s stone onward. 


  14. matthew gray gubler, my sweet genius.


  15. love him